Geometry and non Classical Logics

A SYSMICS workshop on the geometric aspects of non classical logic, via dualities. This workshop aims at connecting researchers that work on geometry and non-classical logic with the goal of facilitating the cross-fertilization of these fields of research. “Geometry and non classical logics” is supported by the MSCA-RISE project SYSMICS, which has as core objective the creation of a network of collaborations between experts with diverse knowledge to investigate logics in a cohesive fashion.

In honour of Antonio Di Nola 70th birthday

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5-8 September 2017

The workshop will start in the afternoon of Tuesday, 5th of September and it will end in the morning of Friday, 8th of September.

The workshop will be preceded by the SYSMICS mid-term meeting, in which the scientific achievements as well as the administration of the project will be illustrated. The midterm meeting will take place on the afternoon of the 4th and in the morning of the 5th of September, a detailed programme can be found here.


Department of Mathematics, Campus of the University of Salerno

The campus is in Fisciano, click here for a simple map of the campus.



Marta Bílková

Charles University, Prague

Discussion session

Olivia Caramello

University of Insubria

Morita equivalences for MV-algebras

Almudena Colacito

University of Bern

Ordering groups and validity in lattice-ordered groups

Tommaso Flaminio

University of Insubria


Mai Gehrke

Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7


Silvio Ghilardi

University of Milano

Amalgamation and combination

Lluis Godo



Sam van Gool

City College of New York

Uniform interpolation for intuitionistic logic via an open mapping theorem

Dirk Hofmann

University of Aveiro

Generating the algebraic theory of $C(X)$ for partially ordered compact spaces and beyond

Ramon Jansana

University of Barcelona.

Relational semantics for monotone logics and their strong versions

Peter Jipsen

Chapman University

From effect algebras and effect algebroids to involutive residuated posets and lattices

Tomas Kroupa

Czech Academy of Sciences

Geometry of Probability Maps Between MV-algebras

Giacomo Lenzi

University of Salerno.

algebraic geometry for MV-algebras

Ioana Leustean

University of Bucharest

Riesz spaces and their logic

Vincenzo Marra

University of Milano

Discussion session

Matias Menni

University of La Plata

Comments on the coextensive nature of the category of MV-algebras

Daniele Mundici

University of Florence

Geometry in Lukasiewicz logic

Luca Reggio

Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7


Organising Committee

Brunella Gerla

University of Insubria

Serafina Lapenta

University of Salerno

Giacomo Lenzi

University of Salerno

Ciro Russo

Federal University of Bahia

Luca Spada

University of Salerno

Gaetano Vitale

University of Salerno


StartsEndsTuesday 5 Wednesday 6 Thursday 7 Friday 8
09:0009:50 Dirk HofmannLluis GodoRamon Jansana
09:5009:55 BreakBreakBreak
09:5510:45 Matias MenniTommaso FlaminioPeter Jipsen
10:4511:05 CoffeeCoffeeCoffee
11:0511:55 Olivia CaramelloIoana LeusteanSilvio Ghilardi
11:5512:00 BreakBreak
12:0013:00REGISTRATIONDISCUSSION. Chairs: Vincenzo MarraDISCUSSION. Chairs: Marta Bilkovà
15:0015:50Daniele MundiciSam van GoolSocial excursion 
15:5516:45Tomas KroupaAlmudena Colacito 
17:0517:55Giacomo LenziFree discussion 
18:0019:00Free discussion 
    Social dinner


If you plan to participate, please register as soon as possible by sending us an email

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 689176.
Photos by Kai Schreiber, Kim Benson, and Michael Lux