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Prof. Matias Menni visiting DipMat – Logic group at the University of Salerno

Prof. Matias Menni, form the University of La Plata, will be visiting us for the 15 to the 17 of November.

He will give a seminar on “ominus-linearity” on the 15 of November at 11:30 in Sala Riunioni (DipMat).

Abstract: Using standard tools from categorical algebra we equip the category of commutative BCK-algebras with a symmetric monoidal structure.
The associated category of commutative monoids embeds the category of PMV-algebras.
Also, for each commutative monoid M, the associated category of actions may be seen as a category of generalized Riesz MV-algebras (with coefficients in M).
In particular, for the standard PMV-algebra [0,1], the associated category of actions embeds the usual category of Riesz MV-algebras.
Finally, we relate the tensor product of commutative BCK-algebras and the tensor product of MV-algebras.