Prof. Matias Menni, form the University of La Plata, will be visiting us for the 15 to the 17 of November.

He will give a seminar on “ominus-linearity” on the 15 of November at 11:30 in Sala Riunioni (DipMat).

Abstract: Using standard tools from categorical algebra we equip the category of commutative BCK-algebras with a symmetric monoidal structure.
The associated category of commutative monoids embeds the category of PMV-algebras.
Also, for each commutative monoid M, the associated category of actions may be seen as a category of generalized Riesz MV-algebras (with coefficients in M).
In particular, for the standard PMV-algebra [0,1], the associated category of actions embeds the usual category of Riesz MV-algebras.
Finally, we relate the tensor product of commutative BCK-algebras and the tensor product of MV-algebras.