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Seminars by Nick Bezhanishvili and David Gabelaia – Logic group at the University of Salerno

Prof. Nick Bezhanishvili from the University of Amsterdam and Prof. David Gabelaia from the Tbilisi State University will give two seminars on Thursday, 21 of January 2016 starting form 16:30 in the Sala Riunioni of the Department of Mathematics.

Nick Bezhanishvili: A gentle introduction to modal spatial logics.”
Abstract:  In this talk I will give an overview of modal spatial logics. In particular, I will discuss the MacKinsey and Tarski theorem on the topological completeness of the modal logic S4. I will also review some recent work on topological and geometric modal logics concerning logical analysis of the various notions of dimension.
David Gabelaia: “Modal logic of 2D polygons
Abstract:  In this talk we investigate the modal logic of the planar polygons. We give axiomatization, prove finite model property and calculate the computational complexity of this logic.
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