Prof. Nick Bezhanishvili from the University of Amsterdam and Prof. David Gabelaia from the Tbilisi State University will give two seminars on Thursday, 21 of January 2016 starting form 16:30 in the Sala Riunioni of the Department of Mathematics.

Nick Bezhanishvili: A gentle introduction to modal spatial logics.”
Abstract:  In this talk I will give an overview of modal spatial logics. In particular, I will discuss the MacKinsey and Tarski theorem on the topological completeness of the modal logic S4. I will also review some recent work on topological and geometric modal logics concerning logical analysis of the various notions of dimension.
David Gabelaia: “Modal logic of 2D polygons
Abstract:  In this talk we investigate the modal logic of the planar polygons. We give axiomatization, prove finite model property and calculate the computational complexity of this logic.
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