F. A. Q.

  • Which staff members are eligible for funding?
    Any PhD Student, Postdoc researcher or Professor is eligible, if he/she has been employed at the sending organization for at least six months prior the starting of the secondment.
  • I will leave soon. What should I do?
    1) 9-12 months before leaving, contact you host;
    2) 3-4 months before leaving, let Sara Lapenta know about your intentions;
    3) at least 1 month before, fill the “leaving form” in the Secondment section.
  • I am back from a secondment. What should I do?
    Please, fill the “Coming back form” in the Secondment section. Please also fill in the EU questionnaire accessible at this  link. To access the questionnaire you will need the following information: Grant Agreement Number: 689176 and the Acronym: SYSMICS.
  • What should I do if I have a publication related to SYSMICS?
    Make sure you have properly acknowledged the project (see below), upload a preprint of you paper on arXiv and send both journal reference and arXiv link to Sara Lapenta.
  • Why should I upload my work on arXiv?
    H2020 has a “mandate for open access”. It means that we need to ensure open access to all publications linked to SYSMICS. This is satisfied by uploading your work on arXiv.
  • How do I proper acknowledge the project?
    In acknowledging the project, please use exactly the following sentence:
    “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 689176”.
  • How long should I be seconded to complete a secondment?
    Any span of time longer than one month constitutes an eligible secondment e.g., two stays of 20 days each at the same host by the same researcher form a perfectly fine secondment.
  • Are traveling periods considered within the secondment duration?
  • When does the project end?
  • Can I be seconded (partially) after the end date of the project?
  • How much time I have to dedicate to the project during a secondment?
    You must work full time on topics of relevance for the project.
  • How do I calculate my reimbursement?
    Please let us know the exact dates of departure and arrival back at the sending organization and we will calculate it for you.
  • Can I participate in a conference during my secondment?
    Yes, if the conference is relevant for the topics of our project and it is close to your host organisation.
  • Is there any funds to cover my expenses for participating in a conference/workshop/school?
    No. But you can ask the local organizers of the event if they plan to provide support.

Other relevant information can be found here. It is a list of FAQs related to RISE projects that covers (among other issues) most of the information about the implementation of a secondment.

Finally, you can download here a short presentation of the project.