18th May 19th May 20th May
09.00 Opening and registration    
09.30 Wolfgang Rump Emil Jerábek Franco Montagna
  The omnipresence of quantum B-algebras Admissible rules Quantifier elimination, amalgamation,
  and the hiding of their spectrum and Lukasiewicz logic deductive interpolation and Craig interpolation
10.30 Andrea Pedrini Jan Kühr Sándor Jenei and Hiroakira Ono
  The Euler characteristic of Divisible pseudo-BCK-algebras On involutive FLe-algebras
  a monodimensional polyhedron  
  as a valuation on a vector lattice    
11.00 coffee break coffee break coffee break
11.30 Moataz El-Zekey Matteo Bianchi Cosimo Guido and Maria Emilia Della Stella
  On Balanced Implications The variety generated by all the ordinal sums L-relations and Galois triangles
12.00 Petr Cintula and Carles Noguera Enrico Marchioni Felix Bou
  (Non-associative) substructural On o-minimal MV-chains Monadic Predicate Lukasiewicz Logic.
  fuzzy logics I propositional logics   Part 1. Standard versus general tautologies
12.30 Petr Cintula and Carles Noguera T. Flaminio, L. Godo and E. Marchioni Michal Botur  
  (Non-associative) substructural A modal logic for belief functions A non-associative generalization of  BL-algebras
  fuzzy logics II predicate logics on MV-algebras  
13.00 lunch lunch lunch
15.00 Leonardo Cabrer Ioana Leustean Tomáš Kroupa  
  Weakly projective MV algebras Hahn-Banach theorem for MV-algebras Measuring uncertainty and vagueness on MV-algebras
16.00 Xavier Caicedo and Ricardo Oscar Rodriguez I. M. L. D'Ottaviano and M. A. De Castro Jiri Rachunek and Dana Salounova
  A relation between Kripke and algebraic Natural deduction systems for da Costa's Quantifiers on bounded integral
semantics for bi-modal Goedel logics   hierarchies of paraconsistent logics residuated lattices
16.30 coffee break    
17.00 Anatolij Dvurecenskij    
  A general approach to state-morphism  
20.00   social dinner