How to reach Salerno

By Plane

Fly to Salerno:

The airport of Salerno has daily flights to Roma Fiumicino and Milano Maplensa. A urban bus will drive you to the centre of Salerno.

Fly to Napoli:

The airport of Napoli has daily flights to most of the major European cities. From the airport the Alibus leads every 20 minuts to the central train station. If you find convenient you may also take one of the four buses (at 9:30, 13:30, 15:30 or 19:30) that each day, except sunday, go straight to the city of Salerno (operated by SITA).

Fly to Rome:

If you land in one of the two airports in Roma, Fiumicino or Ciampino, you need to get to Roma Termini (Roma's central station). If you are in Ciampino the buses by Ryanair are usually an easy and cheap way to get to Roma Termini, if you are in Fiumicino the train Leonardo Express is the easiest way to get to Roma Termini. From there you will continue your trip by train to Salerno.

By Train

Salerno is well connected by trains from Napoli, Roma, Milano. The trains FrecciaRossa are particularly fast at connecting Salerno to Check the most convenient time on the website of Trenitalia.

By Car

The best way to reach Salerno by highway is the A1 (Milano-Napoli), choosing the A30 (Caserta-Salerno) highway at Caserta or by the A3 (Napoli-Reggio Calabria). Please have a look at the car trip plan on Google Maps