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Dr. Marco Abbadini visiting DipMat – Logic group at the University of Salerno

Dr. Marco Abbadini (PhD candidate at the University of Milano) will be rising our Department from the 12 to the 14 of December.

On the 13 of December at 11:30 in Salsa Riunioni, he will give a seminar on “Archimedean¬†Cauchy-complete MV-algebras”¬†

Abstract: It is known that every Archimedean MV-algebra A is a metric space, where the distance coincides with the supremum distance, when A is represented in [0,1]^X. 
We show that the class of archimedean Cauchy-complete MV-algebras, endowed with all MV-homomorphisms as maps, is an infinitary variety of algebras. Our varietal presentation is obtained by adding, to the theory of MV-algebras, an operation of countably infinite arity, which is intended to map `enough’ Cauchy-sequences to their limit, together with some additional axioms.