Dr. Marco Abbadini (PhD candidate at the University of Milano) will be rising our Department from the 12 to the 14 of December.

On the 13 of December at 11:30 in Salsa Riunioni, he will give a seminar on “Archimedean Cauchy-complete MV-algebras” 

Abstract: It is known that every Archimedean MV-algebra A is a metric space, where the distance coincides with the supremum distance, when A is represented in [0,1]^X. 
We show that the class of archimedean Cauchy-complete MV-algebras, endowed with all MV-homomorphisms as maps, is an infinitary variety of algebras. Our varietal presentation is obtained by adding, to the theory of MV-algebras, an operation of countably infinite arity, which is intended to map `enough’ Cauchy-sequences to their limit, together with some additional axioms.