Seminar by Prof. Peter Jipsen

Professor Peter Jipsen (Chapman Univeristy, US) will give a seminar on Monday, 11th of January 2016 at 16:00 in the Aula Riunioni of the DipMat. Title:  Poset-product decompositions of ordered algebras and equational decidability. Abstract: The poset-product of a family of ordered algebras is a common generalization of the ordinal Read more…

Prof. Yichuan Yang visiting DipMat

Prof. Yichuan Yang (International Department of Beihang University, Beijing) will be visiting our department. During his stay on Thursday 19th December he will give a seminas with title “Zariski topology and co-Zariski topology on the spetral spaces of abelian lattice-ordered groups and MV-algebras”.