Report on the third SYSMICS workshop

The third workshop within the project SYSMICS was held in Cagliari at the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy  from the 11th to the 13th of June 2018. The workshop involved 60 participants, coming from both external and partner universities.
A call for abstracts with deadline 15th April 2018 was previously announced and the 34 contributed talks were selected by the Organizing Committee according to the merits of the submitted abstracts.

The scientific program of the workshop focused on algebraic structures related to substructural logics. It was the sixth in the series AsubL (Algebra & Substructural Logics).

Further information can be found at the workshop website:

List of the invited speakers


  • Paolo Aglianó
  • Matteo Bianchi
  • Stefano Bonzio
  • Rodica Ceterchi
  • Ivan Chajda
  • Almudena Colacito
  • Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara
  • Antonio Di Nola
  • Rodolfo Ertola
  • Davide Fazio
  • Christian Fermüller
  • Hector Freytes
  • Hernando Gaitan Orjuela
  • Nick Galatos
  • José Gil Férez
  • Conrado Gomez
  • Zuzana Hanikova
  • Timo Lang
  • Sara Lapenta
  • Shay Logan
  • Anela Lolic
  • Noemi Lubomirsky
  • Jacek Malinowski
  • Miguel Andreas Marcos
  • George Metcalfe
  • Tommaso Moraschini
  • Claudia Mureşan
  • Jan Paseka
  • Jiří Rachůnek
  • Antonino Salibra
  • Hernan San Martin
  • Luigi Santocanale
  • Gavin St. John
  • Olim Tuyt
  • Sara Ugolini
  • Amanda Vidal

Organizing Committee

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