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Guests – Page 2 – Logic group at the University of Salerno

Seminar by Prof. André Nies

Prof. André Nies, from University of Auckland, is visiting our department and he will give a seminar on Wednesday, 20th July 2016 at 15:00 in the Aula Riunioni of the DipMat. Title: Density and randomness. Abstract: We give an overview of recent connections between the Lebesgue density theorem, randomness, and the complexity of subsets Read more…

Seminar by Prof. Abrusci

Prof. Michele Abrusci from University Roma Tre will give a seminar on Tuesday, 9 of February 2016 starting form 12:00, in the Sala Riunioni of the Department of Mathematics. The seminar is titled “Un’introduzione critica alla logica lineare”.  

Seminars by Nick Bezhanishvili and David Gabelaia

Prof. Nick Bezhanishvili from the University of Amsterdam and Prof. David Gabelaia from the Tbilisi State University will give two seminars on Thursday, 21 of January 2016 starting form 16:30 in the Sala Riunioni of the Department of Mathematics. Nick Bezhanishvili:  “A gentle introduction to modal spatial logics.” Abstract:  In this talk I will give an overview of modal spatial logics. In particular, I Read more…

Seminar by Prof. Nick Galatos

Prof. Nick Galatos, from the University of Denver, will give a seminar on the 9 of December at 17:00, in the Aula Riunioni of the Department of Mathematics.  The title is: Densification of commutative residuated chains (joint work with R. Horcik). Abstract: It is well known that every countable totally-ordered set can be embedded into Read more…