Special sessions to honour the memory of Grigori Mints and Franco Montagna

The Programme Committee of TACL2015, together with the TACL Steering Committee, have decided to honour the memory of Grigori Mints and Franco Montagna, two respected and beloved logicians who recently passed away. The conference’s programme therefore includes two special in memoriam sessions.  Each session consists of four contributed talks that relate in various manners to the work of Franco and Grigori. The sessions are scheduled as plenary.  Please note that the coffee breaks preceding these two sessions end 10 minutes earlier than usual, in order to give the chairpersons the possibility of opening the sessions appropriately.

TACL Conference Programme

Below a detailed programme of the TACL conference split in 3+3 days.  A full view of the programme can be also found here.  A pdf file of the whole programme is available at the following link: TACL Complete Programme.

Programme of the first three days (for the other ones scroll down)

Sunday, 21 Monday, 22 Tuesday, 23
Michael Pinsker

Topological Clones

Emil Jerábek

Generalizing the clone–coclone Galois connection
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break (ends 10m earlier) Coffee Break (ends 10m earlier)
Sylvia Pulmannova

MV-pairs and state operators

Rosalie Iemhoff

Uniform interpolation in modal logics
10:55-11:20 Registration
Amanda Vidal

On strong standard completeness of MTL*(Q) expansions

George Metcalfe

Proof by Order
11:20-11:45 Coffee Break (only coffee and tea) Coffee Break (only coffee and tea)
Samuel J. van Gool

Uniform Interpolation and Compact Congruences

Alex Citkin

Hereditary Structural Completeness in Intermediate Logics
Sándor Jenei
Classification of absorbent-continuous, densely ordered, complete group-like FLe-chains

Dmitrij Skvortsov

On weak constant domain principle in the Kripke sheaf semantics
12:35-14:30 Opening (starts at 14:15) Lunch Lunch
André Joyal

Category theory and Homotopy type theory

Keith Kearnes

Problems on the Frontier of Commutator Theory

Paulo Oliva

Higher-Order Game Theory
15:35-16:00 Marc Bagnol
Representation of Partial Traces


Revaz Grigolia

The logic of quasi true
Giulio Guerrieri, Luc Pellissier and Lorenzo Tortora De Falco
Injectivity of relational semantics for (connected) MELL proof-structures via Taylor expansion


Karel Chvalovský

Full Lambek Calculus with contraction is undecidable

Valentin Shehtman

Bisimulation games and locally tabular modal logics
Marek Zawadowski
Comparing presentations of algebraic theories


Patrick Morandi

De Vries powers: A generalization of Boolean powers for compact Hausdorff spaces

Denisa Diaconescu

Witnessed Models and Skolemization in Substructural Logics
Zofia KostrzyckaInterpolation in Brouwer logics determined by k-branching nets of clusters
Amit Kuber

K-theory of modules as model-theoretic structures

Francesco Marigo

States on finite GBL*-algebras

Gijs Wijnholds

Syntactic Control for Compositional Vector Space Models

Zhiguang Zhao

Strict Implication Logics and Lambek Calculi

Ilya Shapirovsky

Complete axiomatizations of lexicographic sums and products of modal logics

Marie Kerjean

Tensor products and *-autonomous categories

Mai Gehrke

Duality for sheaf representations and related decompositions of distributive lattice ordered algebras

Dana Šalounová

Ideals and involutive filters in residuated lattices
Stefano BonzioOrthogonal relational systems
16:25-16:50 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Rostislav Horcik

Characterization of Finite Embeddability Property for (Distributive) Residuated Lattices via Regular (Tree) Languages

Samuele Maschio

A categorical structure of realizers for the Minimalist Foundation

Jeannine Gabriëls

New properties of Sasaki projections

Petr Cintula

Dense completeness theorem for protoalgebraic logics

Sonia MarinA cut-free proof system for pseudo-transitive modal logics

Sergejs Solovjovs

Using Topological Systems To Create a Framework for Institutions

Sumit Sourabh

Subordinations, closed relations, and compact Hausdorff spaces

Tommaso Moraschini

Undecidability in abstract algebraic logic

Julien RaskinDistributive contact lattices with nontangential part-of relations
Tomas Kroupa

Imprecise Probabilities on MV-algebras Revisited

Charles Grellois

Higher-order model-checking, categorical semantics, and linear logic

Boza Tasic

On Regular Congruences of Ordered Semigroups

Hugo Albuquerque

Leibniz and Suszko filters for non-protoalgebraic logics

Fan Yang

Structural completeness in logics of dependence

Elena Aladova

Isomorphism of knowledge bases: on the edge of logic and geometry

Luca Reggio

Axiomatising the dual of compact Hausdorff spaces

Giulia Frosoni

Conuclear images of substructural logics
Rafal GruszczynskiOn two ways of generating topological spaces from Grzegorczyk mereological structures

Programme of the last three days (for the other ones, scroll up).

Wednesday, 24 Thursday, 25 Friday, 26
Maria Manuel Clementino

Lax orthogonal factorization systems in Topology

Jorge Picado

Hausdorff mapping invariance theorems with sublocales

Agata Ciabattoni

(Algebraic) proof theory for substructural logics and applications
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Themba Dube

On maps between Stone-Cech compactifications induced by lattice homomorphisms

Pavol Zlatos

On decidability of some classes of Stone algebras

Michael Kompatscher

Endomorphism monoids of omega-categorical structures

Manuela Sobral

Effective codescent morphisms of distributive lattices

Stefano Aguzzoli

Towards a Riesz Representation Theorem for Finite Heyting Algebras

Anna Jencová and Gejza Jenca

Quantum logics as relational monoids

Wojciech Dzik and Piotr Wojtylak

Projective Unification in Intermediate and Modal Predicate Logics
Revantha RamanayakeBetween axioms and structural rules in the display calculus
Zhiguang Zhao

Jonsson-style Canonicity for ALBA-Inequalities (Unified Correspondence I)
Oghenetega Ighedo

Yet another ring-theoretic characterization of P-frames

Alexei Muravitsky

On One Embedding of Heyting Algebras

Stefano Berardi

Ramsey Theorem for pairs in k colors in the hierarchy of classical principles

M. Andrew Moshier

Coherence for Categories of Posets with Applications

Pietro Codara

Products in the category of forests and p-morphisms via Delannoy paths on Cartesian products

Jirí Janda

A Hilbert space operator representation of generalized effect algebras of bilinear forms and measures

Samuel J. van Gool

Monadic second order logic on infinite words is the model companion of linear temporal logic

Giuseppe Greco
Generalizing Belnap’s cut-elimination

Alessandra Palmigiano

Canonicity and Relativized Canonicity via Pseudo-Correspondence (Unified Correspondence II)
11:20-11:45 Coffee Break (only coffee and tea) Coffee Break (only coffee and tea) Coffee Break (only coffee and tea)
Peter Jipsen

Complex algebras of tree-semilattices

Imanol Mozo Carollo

A description of the localic group of the unit circle

Dorottya Sziraki

On Sigma02 binary relations and elementary embeddability at uncountable cardinals

Nick Galatos

The FEP for some noncommutative varieties of fully distributive residuated lattices

Ilya Shapirovsky

On Completeness of Logics Enriched with Transitive Closure Modality

Luigi Santocanale

Relational lattices via duality

Ramon Jansana

A topological duality for posets

Thomas Seiller

Measurable Preorders and Complexity

Willem Conradie

Canonicity results for mu-calculi (Unified Correspondence III)
Brian Davey

Quasi-primal Cornish algebras

Yuan Ting Nai

Open set lattices of the spaces of minimal prime elements of multiplicative lattices

Tatsuji Kawai

A uniform continuity principle for the Baire space and a corresponding bar induction

Clint Van Alten

The Canonical FEP Construction for Residuated Lattice Ordered Algebras

Andrey Kudinov

On pretransitive logics of finite depth

Sabine Frittella, Alessandra Palmigiano and Luigi Santocanale

Dual characterizations for finite lattices via correspondence theory for monotone modal logic

Daniel Wessel

A General Extension Theorem for Complete Partial Orders
Roberto Maieli
Topological Correctness Criteria for Linear Logic Proof Structures


Claudette Robinson

Sahlqvist Theory for Hybrid Logics (Unified Correspondence IV)
12:35-14:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30-15:30 EXCURSION
Olivia Caramello

The theory of topos-theoretic `bridges’, five years later

Daniele Mundici

Finitely presented MV-algebras, unital lattice ordered abelian groups and rational polyhedra—together
Silvio Ghilardi

Admissible bases via stable canonical rules

Giovanni Cinà

Bisimulation and path logic for sheaves

Diego Valota

Representation of Free Finitely Generated Weak Nilpotent Minimum Algebras

Jan Paseka

Tense operators in logics without negation

Tommaso Moraschini

On everywhere strongly logifiable algebras

Sumit Sourabh

Sahlqvist theory for impossible worlds (Unified Correspondence V)
Julia Ilin

Stable modal logics

Panagis Karazeris

Constructions of Pretoposes

Johannes Marti

A Representation Theorem for System P

Alberto Gatto

Modal Characterization of a First Order Logic for Topology

Zhiguang Zhao

An Abstract Algebraic Logic view of judgment aggregation

Apostolos Tzimoulis

Unified Correspondence as a Proof-Theoretic Tool (Unified Correspondence VII)
16:25-16:50 Coffee Break Coffee Break
Miroslav Haviar

TiRS graphs and frames: a new setting for duals of canonical extensions of lattices

Catalina Ossa

SGF-Quantales and their Groupoids

Matteo BianchiTrakhtenbrot theorem and first-order axiomatic extensions of MTL

Umberto Rivieccio

Bilattice Logic of Epistemic Action and Knowledge
Andrew Craig

Relational semantics via TiRS graphs

David Kruml

Constructing representations of ordered monoids

Kristina BrantleyMonadic Fragments of Modal Predicate Logics

Apostolos Tzimoulis

An algebraic approach to Probabilistic Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Social dinner 19:30 (Hotel re Ferdinando)