Corso di “Algebra della Logica” alla scuola AILA 2017

This year I teach a course (12 hours) a the AILA summer school of logic.  Below one can find the slides of my first three lectures and some references.

  • Lecture 1 (Classical propositional logic and Boolean algebras)
  • Lecture 2 (Algebraic completeness of propositional calculus)
  • Lecture 3 (Abstract Algebraic Logic)
  • Lecture 4 (Dualities) lecture material:
    1. Pat Morandi’s notes on dualities,
    2. Tutorial in Buenos Aires.
  • Lecture 5 and 6 (Non classical logic) references:
    1. Y. Venema, Algebras and Coalgebras, in: J. van Benthem, P. Blackburn and F. Wolter (editors), Handbook of Modal Logic, 2006, pp 331-426.
    2. R. L. O. Cignoli, I. M. L. D’Ottaviano e D. Mundici, Algebraic Foundations of Many-Valued Reasoning, Trends in Logic, Vol. 7 Springer, 2000.


Lecture notes by Guido Gherardi (Computability Theory).

Tutorial on Dualities

These are the slides of my tutorial on Dualities at the $16^{th}$ Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic. 28th July – 1st August 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina.  A shorter version can be found here.

Slides on Duality (SLALM 2014)

Dualities and geometry

Finally I wrote some slides about the long-waiting article I am writing together with Olivia Caramello and Vincenzo Marra on adjunctions, dualities, and Nullstellensätze .  These slides where presented at the AILA meeting in Pisa and at the Apllied Logic seminar in Delft.

Dualities and geometry